How ZeroMe Works

A sustainability & employee engagement platform to streamline your path toward carbon neutrality

ZeroMe connects your workforce to your company sustainability goals and equips every employee with the tools they need to reduce their individual carbon footprints — and at scale, to help lower your employee-related scope 3 emissions.

Carbon Calculator

Employees access ZeroMe individually via desktop or mobile app and answer a few simple questions.

ZeroMe calculates employees’ unique carbon footprints — and breaks them down between work and personal carbon emissions.

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My Habits

Discover habits and lifestyle changes that can help employees make incremental reductions to their overall net carbon emissions.

Get recommendations and tips to help those new habits become long-term, sustainable lifestyle choices.


Microlearning content targets employees’ needs and interests to encourage them to take simple steps at home and work to reduce individual carbon emissions.

Add custom content to align microlearning modules to corporate sustainability goals.


Access and invest in high-quality carbon reduction projects at the organizational level, and allow your employees to do the same if they choose.

After employees estimate their carbon footprint and implement habits to reduce emissions, ZeroMe’s vetted, trustworthy carbon reduction projects can help minimize carbon footprints — and maximize shared impact.

Reporting and Analytics

Monitoring and reporting just got a lot easier.

ZeroMe’s easy-to-use employer dashboard gives you accurate, on-demand, employee-related scope 3 carbon emissions reports and data visualizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the carbon footprint calculator work?

When you onboard with ZeroMe, you’re asked to complete a few questions. Your responses help us calculate your overall carbon footprint. You can also provide more detailed responses under Profile > About Me to generate a more accurate calculation. Without these more detailed responses, our carbon calculator is still able to model your carbon footprint following best-in-class practices by using national, regional, and state-level averages.

What does ZeroMe do with my data?

ZeroMe is committed to protecting your privacy and the personal information you share with us through your use of the ZeroMe app. We only use your data to administer and manage the program, and your data will always be treated anonymously and at the aggregate level. You can read a full version of the ZeroMe Privacy Policy in the app by navigating to your Profile, selecting “edit” next to Settings, and then selecting “Privacy and Terms” from the menu of options.

Why should I lower my carbon footprint?

Here are just a few reasons to reduce your carbon impact on the planet:

Mitigating climate change: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions helps combat rising temperatures and prevents issues like ocean acidification
Improving public health: Lowering emissions reduces air pollution, which lowers the risk of asthma, lung cancer, and food/waterborne diseases
Preserving food and water security: Carbon reduction safeguards food and water supplies, reducing the risk of malnutrition and supporting better access to essential resources
Supporting ecosystems and biodiversity: Decreasing carbon impact helps protect ecosystems, benefiting plant and animal diversity, enhancing food systems, and aiding in the further capture of carbon emissions
What if I need to change my responses to the original carbon footprint calculator questions (for example, I bought a new vehicle or work from home more frequently)?

You can edit your responses at any time in the profile section of ZeroMe.

Why do you calculate personal and work-related emissions separately?

ZeroMe is more than just an individual carbon calculator app. It’s a unique solution that helps employees connect with their company’s sustainability mission. Individual users (employees) understand the role they play in reducing their carbon footprint, while companies (employers) can dive further into employee-related scope 3 emissions, bringing visibility for reporting and informing strategies to reduce scope 3, category 6 and 7 greenhouse gas emissions.

Connect employees
to your sustainability mission

ZeroMe is more than an emissions tracking solution; it’s a platform to engage your workforce and help drive real organizational change to support your sustainability goals. Find out how the collective action of individual employees can help your organization accurately report, and reduce scope 3 emissions.